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> Hat Tips

Hat Tips

Best care for your hats

When putting on or removing your hat, always handle your hat by the "brim" (horizontal portion). Avoid handling the "crown" (tall or vertical portion of the hat) as much as possible. Continued handling of the crown could shorten the life of your hat.

Never rest your hat on it's "brim". Turn the hat upside down and rest it on the "crown". Resting a hat on it's "brim" will flatten-out the brim.

Dust your hat with a soft bristled hat brush often to keep it clean and dust free. A damp clean white cloth can be used on straw hats on occasion.

Avoid leaving your hat near direct heat such as stoves, radiators, lamps and car rear windows. Excessive heat will shrink the interior sweatband, and cause the hat to warp.

Store your hat in a cool dry area to help retain it's shape and to keep it clean. Out of season hats should be stored in a hat box for added protection.

What to do if your hat gets wet

Try to prevent getting your hat wet! Water will cause a straw hat to swell and lose it's shape.

If the hat does get wet, first return the hat to it's original shape, then turn down the interior sweatband and rest the hat on the sweatband to dry. Avoid resting the hat on it's brim while it is wet. Never expose a wet hat to heat, let it dry naturally at room tempature.

Measuring For Your Hat Size

Please tell us your current correct size. If you have not purchased a new hat recently, PLEASE MEASURE YOUR HEAD. Sizes vary with hair style, weight loss / gain, and age. If you order the wrong size, WE CHARGE FOR RE-SHIPPING.

Head Size in Inches US Hat Size General Hat Size

20 7/8 --------------- 6 5/8 --------- Small
21 1/8 --------------- 6 3/4 --------- Small
21 1/2 --------------- 6 7/8 --------- Small
21 7/8 --------------- 7 ------------- Meduim
22 1/4 --------------- 7 1/8 --------- Meduim
22 5/8 --------------- 7 1/4 --------- Large
23 ------------------- 7 3/8 --------- Large
23 1/2 --------------- 7 1/2 --------- Ex-Large
23 7/8 --------------- 7 5/8 --------- Ex-Large
24 1/4 --------------- 7 3/4 --------- Ex-Large
24 5/8 --------------- 7 7/8 --------- Ex-Ex-Large
25 ------------------- 8 ------------- Ex-Ex-Large