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About Us

About Us
The Brim and Crown Shop

My name is Richard Little, and I am the Proprietor of The Brim and Crown Shop located at 439 White St., Springfield, Massachusetts. I'm an ardent hat wearer and have been since I purchased my first Borsalino hat as a teenager in the late 1970's. I knew then, that I would some day open a shop where men could purchase top quality clothing and other accessories. Well, much has changed since the 1970's, and my plans changed as well. I decided to become more specialized, and provide a resource that has been absent from the area for many years. I decided to open The Brim and Crown Shop, specializing in Mens and Ladies top quality hats and other fine accessories. We opened our doors to the public on March 19, 2005.

As mentioned above, things have changed since my first purchase, and hats are no exception. I have found that there are many more hat styles, colors, materials and variety than there were years ago. Therefore, people have more options and styles to choose from than ever before. The variety of styles and array of Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter colors are endless. Whether you prefer designer originals, dress, casual, sporty, leisure or just plain old "old-school," there is a hat for every occasion and every life style.

It is my belief that for those customers who truly enjoyed wearing hats previously but were unable to purchase a top quality product of late, we (The Brim and Crown Shop) intend to be their resource and supplier of choice for top quality mens and ladies hats and other fine accessories.

The Brim and Crown Shop's mission statement: To provide the best quality hats made from the best materials, from some of the best and well respected names in the millinery profession.


What Customers Are Saying